Chocolate Bars


The ask was to create a series of chocolates that represents me. Each chocolate should be able to stand on its own but when brought together they become one cohesive collection. These chocolates will serve as a self-promotion product and need to be a clear reflection of my personality and traits as a creative.


"Flava" represents my vibrant personality. I love making people smile, I believe that laughter is the best medicine, it can cure any sad moment. I'am also a lover of the 90's. One of my all time favorite shows is "Martin".  Aside from the amazing characters in the show, what grabbed my attention was the typeface that was used. It was simple but with a unique vibe to it. I loved out they combined upper and lower case letters with shapes. I wanted to incorporate that into my chocolate.

Art Direction: Nita Thompson

Design: Nita Thompson

Savannah College of Art and Design


The design is based on the opening credits from the show. I love the use of the typography on the show. During the opening credits they use pop of color and the type, I wanted to recreate that by using some of my favorite lines from a few of my favorite characters from the show.